Who we are

The Advanced Carrier Products (ACP) Group has been part of the HUEHOCO family for two decades.  We can look back on a history of more than 50 years in the lancing and stamping industry.  This allows our customers to benefit from our valuable wealth of knowledge and experience plus our complete understanding of the automotive value chain.  ACP offers a wide variety and complete line of lanced and stamped core metal inserts that can feature various coatings, specific design functionality, and ultimate cost effectiveness.

With over 160 employees, ACP’s global locations in Germany, France, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil and China support and supply the global weatherstripping industry.  Our global reach includes a licensed partner in Russia.      

ACP features an in-house tool shop located in France which design and produces all lanced tooling for the entire global group.  This allows us to reduce design to production time and gives our customers flexibility and reduced lead times.  Our group is truly the global leader in our market space as ideas, technology, know-how and information flow to each site on a frequent and regular basis.