Lanced metal strips

ACP Group manufactures over 400 different types and designs of stamped and roll-cut metal strips. These carriers are used in a wide variety of sealing systems - from automotive, to wind turbines, to leisure and sporting goods.

Only high-quality raw materials from certified companies are used.

Some of these raw materials, such as coatings, cold-rolled strips and coated metal strips, are produced within the company's own group, making ACP a flexible partner for its customers. Smaller batch sizes and special solutions can also be realized in this way.
Service for our customers is ACP's top priority!

Single Track

High stability and rigidity are crucial for static sealing solutions. The rolled strips, which can be adapted to almost any customer requirement in terms of design, are usually provided with an adhesive coating (e.g., for EPDM, TPE, PVC, PP, ABS). Typical applications are window well seals and edge protection profiles.

Double Track

High elongation and narrow webs as a flexible solution in dynamic seals. These tapes can be manufactured breakable, for maximum flexibility in the profile or also in coated version to ensure a perfect fit in the profile.

Flex Carrier

Very flexible, stable, stretchable and compressible, Flex Carrier is the standard carrier, due to its wide range of applications. These strips have the greatest possible flexibility in terms of thickness, design, stretching, coated or uncoated. Cost-effective and always developed exactly to the customer's requirements.

Stagger Carrier

Flexible in all directions in your seal and can be shaped around several axes. The solution for difficult lining situations. This strip - like all our solutions - can also be produced coated and uncoated.