Lanced metal strips

The ACP Group is known for hundreds of different options when it comes to lanced and stamped core metal inserts for weatherstripping.  We are truly a global supplier and produce a full line of these parts in 7 plants located on 4 different continents.  Our parts are mainly used in the automotive weatherstripping industry but also used in other applications such as wind turbines, recreational vehicles and the marine (boating) industries. 

All ACP locations use only high-quality raw materials from certified suppliers of steel, aluminum and stainless steel for our production.  Working closely with the HUEHCOCO Group, ACP can offer a full line of coated carrier options from decorative to functional.  Within the auto industry, our full line of coated carriers designed to promote adhesion of the core metal to either rubber or plastic are commonly used.  ACP is the global leader in the manufacturing and supply of coated core metal inserts.

Our global team of experienced employees are committed to finding cost-effective and sustainable product solutions to meet and exceed our customers requirements.  Flexible and efficient customer service characterize the ACP Group and being part of the HUEHOCO Group means quick access to a full line of raw material options. 

Single Track

This common design has been used for decades and features limited flexibility, stability, good processing strength, and as much rigidity as required - all in one design.  These have typically been used in window seals. 

Double Track

This design features high tensile strength, limited flexibility, and as much rigidity as required.  Common in application that require movement in one plane or along one axis. 

Flex Carrier

Commonly used in door opening and trunk lid seals, this design offers good flexibility, movement in multiple planes and can be customized for neutral access placement and for specific bending requirements.   These parts are also usually considered to be more cost effective.


This design has been present for many years and is typically found in trunk lid seals.  Good flexibility in multiple axis and reduced “hungry horse” effect are key characteristics of this design.